Biography of Jane Fonda (1937-VVVV)

American film actress, born on December 21, 1937 in the city of New York (United States), whose full name is Jane Seymour Fonda.

Daughter of the great actor Henry Fonda, sister of the also actor / director Peter Fonda and aunt of actress Bridget Fonda, his education was careful. He/She was in the elite academic center of Vassar and took courses in history of art in Paris, as well as piano. In New York, spent by the famous Actor's Studio, in 1958, one of the best-known dramatic art academies of history, where he/she taught classes teachers such as Lee Strasberg and Elia Kazan and where actors such as Marlon Brando, Paul Newman and the own Marilyn Monroewere enrolled. As a model he/she came to pose for the cover of Vogue magazine on two occasions.

His debut, both on Broadway and in Hollywood, was produced in 1960, and was recognized as a potential star. He/She began his career with the film I will marry you (Tall story), JoshuaLogan. The following year he/she obtained a secondary role in the adaptation of the black cat (Walk on the Wild Side), directed by Edward Dmytryk.

In 1965 he/she married French director Roger Vadim, which was also married with Briggitte Bardot and was the lover of Catherine Deneuve. Vadim tried to make her another Bardot, and their efforts culminated in the performance that Jane had in the film adaptation of the comic strip Barbarella (1968). The comic book enjoyed great prestige, but the film did not achieve the same recognition; It was a curious set of visual design, but without interest. Also fruit of their collaboration was the shooting of extraordinary stories (1968), the results were similar.

He returned to the United States and began a work of social activist; He/She had trouble with the authorities for his involvement in favour of "the Black Panthers", Native American, etc. As part of its campaign against the war in Viet Nam, he/she formed a group, together with the actor Donald Sutherland, who held protests before the Pentagon. This is how he/she co-produced and wrote F.T.A. (1972), directed by Francis Parker, a filmed story of the trip to Viet Nam. With her second husband, Tom Hayden, also activist against the army, and Haskell Wexler co-directed a documentary, Introduction to the Enemy (1974), in the same line of the former.

In 1969 he/she won the award for best actress critics of film of New York for her performance in dance, dance, damn, Sydney Pollack, a hard film on the environments of more or less young couples are earning life participating in brutal dance marathons, during the years of the American depression. Couples went missing, as exhaustion made a dent in them, until only remained on track.

Won his first Oscar for the character of a prostitute who embodies in Klute (1971), of Alan j. Pakula, film where he/she had as fellow cast his friend Donald Sutherland. At the end of the 1970s, joined in a more intense way in commercial cinema. Got his second Oscar for the return (1978), Hal Asbhy, a film related to the disabled because of the war in Southeast Asia.

In 1981, he/she entered a stage in which sought to overcome his physical condition and take care of the passage of time through the exercise, which led him not only to the aerobics, but also to publish videos and books on the subject, which have been a big hit with women of high social class. He/She managed to amass a large fortune and became the guru of the fitness of the 1980s.

It was precisely for these years, in 1981, when he/she participated in a film with his father, Henry, which remained contradictory relationships throughout his life. On Golden Pond, Mark Rydell, is a tape about the decline of an old marriage, withdrawing to a house in the countryside where they receive the sight of her daughter. The film was dominated by a melancholic tone, although it had certain touches of humor. The female protagonist was Katherine Hepburn and Jane Fonda participated also as producer

In 1988, in a television interview, he/she apologized to the Viet Nam Veterans and their families for his performance in the years of the war. Married for a decade with the communication and owner of CNN, Ted Turner, entrepreneur in 2001 announced the friendly breakdown of his marriage. With the passage of time, it seems to have been tempered since the point of view of the political and militant activity that marked his youth.

The career of Jane Fonda is usual in the generation which lived in full youth of the 1970s, that of revolutionary attempts were going to positivism and, in many cases, ultimately ended up adapting to the system.

Its exquisite education and prestige of his father in the atmosphere of the film facilitated le road, which, however, take he/she knew its own contribution. He/She has managed to select important and varied titles, as well as work with directors of prestige, like George Cukor or Otto Preminger, among many others. At the same time, acted in all sorts of films, from comedies like barefoot in the Park (1967), from Gene Saks, whose opponent men was Robert Redford, productions supposedly very committed as all goes well (1972), by Jean-Luc Godard, along with Yves Montand.

In 1991, after working more than three decades as an actress, announced its withdrawal from the film, although he/she returned in 2005 with the film Monster in Law (the mother of the groom). In 2007 he/she appeared in the movie Georgia Rule, by filmmaker Garry Marshall, along with congratulates Huff and Lindsay Lohan.

It has shown to have a fine nose for business and has become, in maturity, a symbol for those who criticized in his youth. A different symbol, which could not have predicted in the 1960s.

In April 2005, presented his autobiography, which carries the title of My life so far (my life so far).


1960: I will marry you. 1962: Confidences of woman; Marital adjustment; The black cat. 1963: Jane; A Sunday in New York; Forbidden love. 1964: A French love story; The cats. 1965: The explosive naive. 1966: The desired night; The Chase; Any Wednesday; The deception. 1967: Stories extraordinary; Barefoot in the Park; Barbarella.1969: Dance, dance damned. 1971: Klute; Angela Davis, portrait d'une révolutionnaire. 1972: American material; All goes well; Blackmail against a wife; F.T.A.; Jane Fonda on Viet Nam. 1974: Introduction to the Enemy. 1976: The Blue Bird. 1977: Julia; He/She steals well without looking at who. 1978: California Suite; Comes a Horseman free and wild; The return. 1979: The China Syndrome; The electric Horseman. 1980: How to remove his boss. 1981: Acting: Lee Strasberg and the Actor's Studio; On Golden Pond; A woman's negocios.1985: Agnes de Dios. 1986: The next morning. 1987: Leonard, Part 6. 1989: Old gringo. 1990: letters to Iris. 2005: Monsters-in-law. 2007: Georgia Rule.

Works for television:

1982: 9 to 5. 1984: The Dollmaker. 1994: a Century of Cinema; A Century of Women.


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