Biography of Brian Forbes (1926-2013)

British film director, born in London on July 22, 1926, and died in Virginia Water, United Kingdom on May 8, 2013. Real name John Theobald Clarke.


He took his first steps in the world of the show as an actor in small independent companies and British and American cinema. At the same time that intervened in numerous films, he started his activity as a writer. Among his appearances leading actor are the world in your hands (1952) and the hawks of the Strait (1953), directed by Raoul Walsh, or the classic war film the guns of Navarone (961), Jack Lee Thompson.

He made his debut as a director with the British production starring Alan Bates when the wind whistles (1961), a black fable about four children in a farm in the North of England, rattling a fugitive murderer with Jesus Christ. The best film of his early period is King Rat (1965), adaptation written by himself from the novel by James Clavell that follows the adventures of the King out, nicknamed King Rat by peers in a Japanese concentration camp in Singapore during the second world war, that becomes the true King of the black market in the interior of the field. Played by George Segal in one of their larger appearances in the film, it was the first success of Forbes as director within the American industry.

His most famous work is, without doubt, the Madwoman of Chaillot (1969). In this British production on the homonymous theatre work of the Frenchman Jean Giraudoux adapted by Maurice Valency, Brian Forbes was a spectacular international cast headed by Katharine Hepburn as the strange woman of the title that derails a big oil company plans to demolish Paris. The Madwoman of Chaillot became a dream success that boosted the career of Forbes as director, away more and more of his work as an actor.

After this film took over the direction and leadership of production company EMI, where he remained until he directed his next film, love is my life (1971), a bittersweet melodrama about the love story of a pair of paraplegics played by Malcolm McDowell and Nanette Newman, wife and regular actress of Forbes. His last film as director and screenwriter is the farce played by Britons David Nivenand Maggie Smith Menage-a-trois (1982), in which a young man must choose his grandfather between the two former lovers of his grandmother to decide who is the heir to the fortune of this. Despite having almost completely abandoned his career as an actor, Brian Forbes made sporadic appearances in movies as in Chaplin (1992), his old friend sir Richard Attenborough.



1949: The small back room; Dear Mr. Prohack; All over town. 1950: The Wooden Horse. 1951: Green grow the rushes. 1952: The world in your hands. 1953: Hawks of the Strait; Appointment in London; Wheel of fate; The millionaire. 1954: An inspector calls; The colditz story; Up to his neck. 1955: Journey back. 1956: how great being young!; Now and forever; The extra day; The baby and the battleship (and screenwriter); Satellite in the sky. 1957: Quatermass II. 1958: I was double the Montgomery (and screenwriter); The key. 1959: Enemies yesterday. 1960: Target: Bank of England (and screenwriter). 1961: the guns of Navarone. 1964: The new case of inspector Clouseau. 1972: I am a dancer (as Narrator).


1961: When the wind whistles. 1962: The room in the form of L (and screenwriter). 1964: sinister Plan (and writer and co-producer). 1965: King rat (and screenwriter). 1966: box of surprises (and co-producer). 1967: The whisperers (and screenwriter). 1968: anguish mortal (and screenwriter). 1969: the Madwoman of Chaillot. 1971: Love is my life (and screenwriter). 1975: The Stepford wives. 1976: Cinderella (and co-writer). 1978: double triumph (and screenwriter and producer). 1980: seducers (episode). 1982: Menage-a-trois (and co-writer). 1984: openly.


1954: The Black Knight. 1955: Hell's heroes. 1956: The black tent; The lair. 1958: The captain's table. 1959: Danger within. 1960: The bitter silence (and producer); Man in the moon. 1961: Game for two. 1962: Satation six-Sahara. 1964: Human bondage; Relentless persecution. 1975: Guilty faceless 1980: A mess for two.