Biography of José María Forqué (1923-1995)

Director of Spanish cinema, born in Zaragoza on March 8, 1923 and died in Madrid in 1995. He started working as a draftsman while participating in the TEU, Spanish University Theatre, in Zaragoza. He moved to Madrid to study architecture, career that combined with sporadic work as a draftsman. He began to make contact with the cinema as a commentator of documentaries, meritorious and Assistant, to finish directing his own films. After several short films, he premiered with María Morena (1951) as director of feature films. His style shows notably artistic education, both in architecture and in drawing, above all in the conception of space and its films in general. In 1967 he founded the production company Orfeo Films. He is the father of the actress Verónica Forquéand the director Álvaro Forqué. In 1995 was awarded a Goya Award to the set of his film career.


Short films: 1959: Baila La Chunga.

Feature films: 1951: María Morena; Fog and Sol.1953: the devil plays the flauta.1954: A perdido.1955 day: the legion of silence (with Nieves Conde). 1956: ambassadors in the infierno.1957: Amanecer en Puerta Oscura.1958: A violent event; The night and the alba.1959: back to the puerta.1960: Maribel and the strange family; 091, police at the habla.1961: you can be a killer; The secret of monica.1962: accident 703; The calves; Mugging to the tres.1963: the verdad.1964 game: holiday for Ivette; Almost a gentleman; I have 17 anos.1965: I've seen the death; Zarabanda Bing Bing.1966: Death travels too (one episode); (An episode) widows. 1967: one million in the trash; Which have to serve; A devil under the almohada.1968: give me a little esthes...!; The vile seduccion.1969: marital sins; Furnished Studio 2 P.1970: the monumento.1971: the triangle; The eye of the huracan.1972: the Virgin wax; Tarots.1974: It's nothing MOM, only a game; A couple distinta.1975: Madrid, Costa Fleming.1976: the second power; Again, my dear Nati.1978: the woman of the Earth caliente.1980: How Green was my Duke!; The song of the cigarra.1985: Romanza final (Gayarre).

Works for television:1970: the sombrerito.1981: the Spanish and the seven deadly sins (7 episodes). 1982: Ramón y Cajal (9 episodes). 1984: the garden of Venus (13 episodes). 1988: Miguel Servet (7 episodes).