Biography of King of Navarra Fortún Garcés I (ca. 845-905)

King of Navarre born to 845 and died in 905. Known as the monk, in the chronic Muslim receives the nickname of al - Anqar (the one-eyed). He/She was the last representative of the Iniga dynasty.

Son of García I Iniguez , and probably of Leodegundia, daughter of Ordoño Iof Asturias (other sources cite magpie as a wife of García Íñiguez), Fortún Garcés, being still a child, was captured by the emir Muhammad I (860) and carried captive to Córdoba, where he/she remained, according to Chronicles, twenty years. Their education would receive there Fortún. It is possible that I would have already known the prison before being captured by the Muslims; Muslim Chronicles of the period make mention in 859 García children remained hostage of the Normans until these rolling the required rescue; Although not mentioned the name of these children, it is likely that O'Sullivan was one of them.

To 882 Fortún Garcés succeeded his father as King of Pamplona and the vascons Orientals. His ascension to the throne coincided with the most disastrous epoch in the history of Pamplona; just started to reign it suffered the attacks of Muhammad ibn Lubb, the emir of Zaragoza, and on his death in 898 hostilities were retaken by his son, Lubb ibn Muhammad. In 900 Fortún Garcés signed a pact with Alfonso III of Asturias to attack Lubb. The Christians of Galicia also participated in the expedition, but the Allied expedition was heavily defeated in the Valley of Borja.

In fact it very little is known of his reign. There are authors who claim that the Government of the Kingdom was assumed by a such García Jiménez as a Regent. Fortún Garcés, who believed that it ended its days in the monastery of Leyre, had no male offspring, but had at least one daughter, all, who married to Sancho Garcés I, successor of Fortun and first representative of Jimena dynasty.


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