Biography of Jodie Foster (1962-VVVV)

Actress and American film director, born in Los Angeles on November 19, 1962, whose real name is Alicia Christian Foster.

Alicia Christian is the youngest of four brothers. The fact that their parents divorced before her birth and have to grow away from the paternal figure he acquire a series of early responsibilities that confirmed its character. At age three, he obtained his first job as a child model for Coppertone sunscreen; her mother then began to take care of her career and continues to do so to date. After advertising reached some television productions, until in 1972 he makes his film debut with Menace of the Mountain, Vincent McEveety. Then began a career that would go through all the phases: as child prodigy appeared in Napoleon and Samantha, Kansas City Bomber, the adventures of Tom Sawyer or One Little Indian. In 1974 Martin Scorsese called to make Alicia because doesn't live here. Soon it will be girl Prodigy "Lolita" with the same director, embodying a small prostitute in Taxi Driver. Foster passed with honors the difficult passage from childhood to adolescence in the cinema, starring in films under the command of Alan Parker (Bugsy Malone), Adrian Lyne (foxes), Tony Richardson (Hotel New Hampshire) or even Claude Chabrol(Le sang des autres), in the third title of his French adventure, which had rushed through his extraordinary mastery of acquired language after having studied at the French Lycée in Los Angeles. As he combines his film work with a Bachelor's degree in American literature at Yale University, is becoming a famous actress. In 1981, an unbalanced fan, John Hinckley watchful against President Reagan with the intention of drawing attention of Foster, which gave rise to that she published an article entitled "Why me?", in the magazine Squire did confess where the period of depression who had lived after that. This event made its name is walked by television and the press of half the world. But its final recognition as an actress she gets with defendants, Jonathan Kaplan, for which he received his first Oscar. Two years later get the second for her portrayal of a tenacious FBI agent who has to deal with two psychopaths at the same time in the silence of the lambs. Taking advantage of these awards in an atypical form (it is normal demand salary, commercial movies or large roles), Foster embarks on an intimate project which takes much of its own history and, in addition to starring in it as an actress, goes behind the camera to take on the direction of the small Tate. The following years are filled with known titles that highlights his interpretation, although some are irregular productions: shadows and fog, Woody Allen; Sommersby, John Amiel - a peculiar remake of the return of Martin Guerre who at the time were Depardieu-; Maverick, Richard Donner and Nell, Michael Apted - a role grateful in which plays a young disabled. Then came Contact, a philosophical story about extraterrestrial life based on the only novel by scientist Carl Sagan, in which Foster returns to interpret itself: a brilliant woman who never stops to setbacks. For more than twenty years Foster has embodied all kinds of characters in the film. In his second film as Director, home for holidays, yields to Holly Hunter role she might have played. Few actors are reluctant to move behind the camera without acting on his own films, perhaps after so long as actress Jodie Foster wants to consecrate himself as Director.



1972: Napoleon and Samantha; Kansas City Bomber.1973: The adventures of Tom Sawyer; One Little Indian. 1975: Alice doesn't live here anymore; Echoes of a summer. 1976: taxi Driver; Bugsy Malone; Freaky Friday; Une petite fille au bout du chemin. 1977: Moi, fleur bleue; The House of laughter; Candleshoe.1978: Movies are my life. 1980: Foxes; Le sang des autres. 1984: the Hotel New Hampshire; Mermerized.1987: Five corners; Siesta.1988: Stealing Home; Acusados.1989: Road of retorno.1990: the small Tate; The silence of the corderos.1991: shadows and niebla.1992: Sommersby.1993: Maverick.1994: Nell.1997: Contact.1999: Ana and the rey.2002: the panico.2003 room: the dangerous life of the Boys.2004 Altar: long Sunday in noviazgo.2005: Flight Plan: disappeared.


1990: The small Tate. 1995: A House for holidays. 2002: flora Plum.