Biography of Georges Fourest (1867-1945)

French poet, born in Limoges in 1867 and died in 1945. He studied law, but left to devote himself to literature. He collaborated in Le Décadent and La Connaissance magazines and founded the magazine entitled L'Ermitage. It belonged to the so-called l'Ecole fantaisiste, founded by Francis Carco, Tristan Deréme and Robert de la Vaissière, and which Paul-Jean Toulet was its highest representative.

His work is characterized by the presence of abundant neologisms, periphrasis, metaphors and surprising rhymes (Rock Paul / bock; de Lesseps / forceps;) Brummel / cummel, etc). Under a cultural heritage, his work displays a vein burlesque and parody.

Its production consists of two books of poetry entitled La Négresse blonde (1909) and Geranium ovipare (1935); and one entitled Contes pour les satyres (1923).