Biography of Michael J. Fox (1961-VVVV)

Canadian actor, born on June 9, 1961 in Edmonton (Alberta).

Due to his always adolescent appearance, no matter the years that meets, Michael J. Fox has achieved certain notoriety professional, and he has embodied, both in film and on television, the young artful and full of goodness that fits so well to more conventional comedy. Perhaps that is the reason why his most brilliant stage is located in the mid-1980s, period of Apogee's youth comedy, which was then limited to second-order papers.

In its native Canada is a child prodigy of 1970s television. Producers Americans, mindful of the new signings of the Canadian audiovisual industry, you are engaged in 1981, when he still dreams of becoming a star ice hockey. Her first role of importance is that of Alex P. Keaton, a teenager obsessed with the money making life impossible to very liberal parents in family entanglements and conservative. This TV series is a great success and its emission is extended until 1989. In that year the director Robert Zemeckis decides to replace the star of your movie back to the future, Eric Stoltz, and immediately think of Fox. In this way, the young actor becomes incarnate to Marty McFly, a boy who travels in time living unimaginable adventures.

Somehow, this character marks the apogee and the final prison of the actor, who can never overcome that image that offers to the public around the world. Little will be included in the distribution of such dramatic productions such as hearts of iron (1989), de Brian De Palma. Viewers identify him with the witty and scatterbrained young man from back to the future, and the producers try, without too much fortune, stick to that profile new movies of his career.

For a little encouraging future in artistic, Fox agree to a secondary role in the President and Miss Wade (1995), by Rob Reiner. In that movie he plays with skill a presidential advisor. About the same time, Steven Spielberg outlines what will be the first sitcom from its new study of production, Spin city (1996), and Fox chooses to embody another political advisor, this time in a mayor. There is no doubt that this double opportunity is a breath of oxygen in the career of the actor, who by this time already suffer major health problems. With the support of his wife, actress Tracy Pollan, Michael J. Fox tries to overcome the disease while you choose projects that fit to your new situation. However, despite this willingness of mood, all indications are that their future necessarily goes through the small screen, a medium somewhat despised by the stars of Hollywood.


1980: Midnight madness.1982: course 1984.1985: hair on chest; Back to the future. 1987: Light of day; The secret of my success. 1988: Neon.1989 nights: hearts of iron; Back to the future II. 1990: Back to the future III; Colleagues at the fuerza.1991: Doc Hollywood. 1992: Concierge to its medida.1993: give me a break; Back home: an incredible journey; Where the rivers flow north.1994: the codiciosos.1995: Coldblooded; The President and Miss Wade; Blue in the face.1996: grab me those ghosts; Homeward bound: Lost in San Francisco; Mars attacks! 1998: Stuart Little.

Works for television: 1982-1989: Enredos de familia.1996: Spin City, mad City Hall.