Biography of Freddie Francis (1917-2007)

Film director and cinematographer British born on December 22, 1917 in Islington, London, and died on 17 March 2007.


For the young Freddie Francis the goal of becoming an industrial engineer was one of the main illusions until he was hired by the film company Gaumont-British in 1936. From there he went to work as camera operator in the studios of Pinewood, in London, and few years later enlisted in the army. When he began the career of arms in 1939, acquired know-how earned to overcome the entrance exam of the Army Kinematograph Service, unit photography and cinema of extraordinary strategic importance. The outbreak of the second world war lasted the military career of Francis until 1945, date they returned to civilian life, again as an operator at the company London Films. In a very short period of time it was professionally and arrived to lead the second unit of passion in the jungle (1947), Zoltan Korda. Exceptionally equipped for film photography, Francis fame grew up in British industry and became one of the most sought-after directors of photography of the moment.

But international fame came to him by an unexpected, when Hammer Films company, specialized in horror films, turned to its services so that it addressed several of his films. Thereafter, Francis was summoned in festivals and international events around the fantasy film, a genre which, curiously, is not among his favorites. It is no surprise therefore that, in numerous interviews, the filmmaker emphasis away from horror movies, highlighting the way they disliked him many of those films.

Surely, it was his collaboration with David Lynch again which put current Francis talent in the field of film photography. His extraordinary visual work in the elephant man and Dune, both directed by Lynch, showed that the veteran had nothing of outdated. Familiar with the most modern techniques of filming, Francis developed an exemplary career, praised by colleagues and specialists.

He married Pamela Mann and her son, Kevin Francis, is an accredited professional in the world of production.

Freddie Francis died on 17 March 2007, at the age of 89.


As film director: 1962: Two and two make six; Venganza.1963: The amazing world of the Ashby; The abyss of fear; The evil of Frankenstein.1964: Hysteria; Doctor Terror; Traitor's gate.1965: the curse of the calavera.1966: the psicopata.1967: Torture garden; They came from beyond space; The deadly bees.1968: Dracula returns from the tumba.1969: Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly.1970: Trog.1971: The vampire happening.1972: convicted beyond the grave; The creeping flesh.1973: orgies of madness; Locura.1974: Son of Dracula.1975: the legend of the werewolf; The ghoul.1985: the doctor and the diablos.1987: Dark Tower.

As director of photography: 1956: Time without pity; Hell in Korea; Moby Dick.1957: The scamp.1958: Next to no time; Virgin Island.1959: Room at the top; The battle of the sexes.1960: Saturday night, Sunday morning; Next to time; Children and amantes.1961: Suspense.1964: to fall the noche.1980: elefante.1981 man: Lieutenant frances.1982 woman: the song of the verdugo.1983: rompecabezas.1984 man: Dune.1985: Code Name: Emerald; Oz, a world of fantasy (uncredited). 1988: Clara completo heart.1989: times of glory; His alibi; Dark tower; Brenda Starr.1991: Cape fear. Summer in Louisiana.1992: School ties.1994: Princess Caraboo.1995: Rainbow.