Biography of Stephen Frears (1931-VVVV)

Film director English, born in Leicester in 1931.

Stephen Frears studied law at Cambridge and then immediately turned his steps towards the theatre. But the influence of the Free Cinema and its relationship with Karel Reisz and Lindsay Anderson made it be definitively introduced in the film. Started as Assistant Director on films such as If, Anderson and Morgan, a clinical case, Reisz. From 1969 he made numerous works for television. Detective without a license, his first film as director, starring Albert Finney, or The Hit ended not Jell. Stephen Frears rear still don't guess is in these works. So much criticism that bet nothing by its continuity as a director.

But he directed my beautiful laundrette in 1985, and his career took a major turn. Daniel Day-Lewis played a punk who was romantically involved with a wealthy family pakistani. Frears made the film initially for television, but the issue was a success and its good reception, together with the presentation to some festivals, took the tape to cinema screens to show your special portrait London: a melting pot where unemployment, homosexuality, race relations and a proud pakistani bourgeoisie to perform within the Crown. A year later released open you ears, a biographical portrait based on the life and the murder of playwright Joe Orton at the hands of her lover Kenneth Hallivel, after he committed suicide. Gary Oldman and Alfred Molina gives body to two marginal beings of which one stands out and the other stays on the road. The idea of filming arrived with the journalist John Lahr who, after the murder of Orton, had written a best seller, taking as a reference the event. Frears would be based on it to make its history. Sammy and Rosie are hooking up was his next film and new suburban London was the protagonist. He lives a couple young and liberal whose life is invaded by the father of the husband in Exchange for a promising legacy. Sammy and Rosie combines the two poles of the film by Frears: the portrait socio-political London with marked racial overtones and human relationships that are developed in this context. Increasingly more confirms the role of Frears on British cinema.

In 1988 dangerous liaisons opened him the doors of American cinema. Based on one of the pillars of the French novel of the 18th century, he assembled an all-star cast (John Malkovich, Michelle Pfeiffer, Glenn Close, Uma Thurman) and won three Oscars - adapted screenplay, art direction and costumes-, as well as the enthusiasm of the public, who attended the duel between a Viscount dissolute and a diabolical Marquise delighted. His American adventure, which is completed with the Grifters and hero by accident, was not for it satisfactory that was expected and in 1993 returned to its channel with Irish coffee, which portrays a noisy Irish family with an almost unknown cast. The prestige enjoyed by at that time allowed him to make an English film with American actors and got back to meet John Malkovich and Glenn Close, along with Julia Roberts, in Mary Reilly, based also on a best seller written by Valerie Martin. A Manichaean story narrated by the maid of Dr. Jeckyll creating Robert Louise Stevenson. His film the truck, retrieves some characters of Irish coffee and allows to say that Stephen Frears always returns, if not its film origins, yes its origins of consecration.

On February 21, 1999 he received the award for best director at the 49th Berlin Film Festival for his film The Hi - Lo Country.

His latest works have continued with his eclectic career. In 2000 she presented high-fidelity, film based on the book by Nick Hornby that narrates the adventures, vital and emotional, of a record store owner played by John Cusack. In 2002 he presented hidden business, an intense and sordid thriller. And in 2005, for its part, released Mrs. Handerson presents, which tells the story of Laura Handerson, a curious character who spent the last years of his life to run a theater that became legendary for its inclusion of nudity and other unorthodox "resources", and that made more bearable life for the suffering inhabitants of London during the blitz of the second world war. Its protagonist, Judi Dench, was nominated for the Oscar.

In 2006 presented the Queen, film starring Helen Mirren in with large doses of irony, which illustrates the clash between the corseted world of the British monarchy and Postmodernity inherent to the media. The film was doubly awarded in the 63rd Mostra de Veneciacon the award for the best screenplay for Peter Morgan and the Volpi Cup for best actress for Helen Mirren. In the twenty-first edition of the Goya Awards in January 2007, the Queen by Stephen Frears took the award for best European film.


1971: Detective without a license. 1980: Going gently. 1983: Bloody Kids, Saigon: year of the cat. 1984: Revenge. 1985: My beautiful lavanderia.1986: open your ears. 1987: Sammy and Rosie are hooking up. 1988: Peligrosas.1990 friendships: the Grifters. 1992: Hero by accident. 1993: Irish coffee. 1995: Mary Reilly. 1996: The truck. 1998: The Hi - Lo Country.2000: high fidelity; Liam.2002: Dirty pretty things.2005: Mrs. Handerson presenta.2006: the Queen. 2009: Cheri. 2010: Tamara Drewe.