Biography of Zsa Zsa Gabor (1918-VVVV)

American actress of Hungarian origin, born in Budapest on February 6, 1918, whose real name is Sari Gabor.


He made his debut on the stage of Vienna with just fifteen years and won the Miss Hungary in 1936. He/She moved to the United States in 1941 following the example of her sister, the actress Eva Gabor also. In 1942 married her second husband, the magnate of the Conrad Hiltonhotel, the first in a series of lovers who would turn her into a celebrity. These include the actor George Sanders, whom he/she married in 1949, or the general Rafael Trujillo, President of the Dominican Republic.

His film career was inaugurated with participation in Moulin Rouge (1952), by John Huston, in which he/she played Jane Avril, model of the painter Toulouse-Lautrec. Most of his roles in the big screen were not, however, at the height of Fame that reached thanks to his private life and his career as actress was limited to a series of decorative papers or "Guest Star".

After a promising beginning in the 1950s, where in addition to the aforementioned Huston worked with some of the best directors of the moment as Vincente Minnelli, the frequency of their work on the big screen fell markedly as he/she increased his popularity and his presence on the front pages of the tabloid press. Among his best-known works his small intervention lies in evil thirst (1958), by Orson Welles. A sample of the heterogeneous and irregular of his work in the film is his next film, Queen of outer space (1958), a byproduct of science fiction in which he/she played the Queen of the universe. In the 1960s published a first autobiography, My story, as well as other books in which count their conquests and advises in a jocular tone how to treat men, with titles like Zsa Zsa's complete guide to men. His biggest success on the stages of Broadway came in 1970 with Forty Carats. Converted into a star and genuine representative of the glamour of Hollywood, he/she left increasingly side career as an actress and was limited during the years seventy and eighty to sporadic appearances in film and television. In 1986 he/she married her eighth husband, Prince Frederick Von Anhalt, which makes her Princess Von Anhalt and Duchess of Saxony. In 1991 he/she returned to the front pages of newspapers by spending three days in prison after having slapped a traffic policeman.

On November 28, 2002 he/she suffered a car accident at the Sunset Boulevard Avenue in Hollywood and entered in coma in a hospital in Los Angeles.


1952: Moulin Rouge; Love was born in Paris; We are not casados.1953: Lili; Three amores.1954: Three Ring Circus.1956: love of an impostor.1957: The girl in the Kremlin.1958: Country music hollyday; Thirst for evil; Queen of outer space.1959: For the first time.1960: Pepe.1962: the semana.1966 once: Arrivederci, baby; Trapo.1967 doll: Jack of diamantes.1972: Up the front.1986: Smart Alec.1987: Nightmare on Elm Street 3.1990: Happily ever after.1991: grab it as 2 1/2.1993 can: rustic in Dinerolandia.1996: A very Brady sequel.

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