Biography of Francisco Javier Gabriel Estenoz (1774-1855)

Military Spanish born in Ceuta on December 2, 1774 and died in Madrid on January 28, 1855.

Son of Martín Gabriel and Vilanova, Colonel engineer head of Ceuta, natural Alcántara (Cáceres), and Juana Josefa de Estenoz y Quiñones, born in Alburquerque (Badajoz). Cadet on September 1, 1786, second lieutenant of flags, October 25, 1790, first lieutenant, on August 12, 1791. Take part in the war of Roussillon, 1793-1795. It amounts to captain on September 4, 1804.

At the beginning of the war of independence escaped from Madrid, joining the army of Extremadura. Lieutenant Colonel graduated in the regiment of Badajoz, the 17 July 1808, sergeant major in Mallorca, on March 2, 1809, effective Colonel of the regiment of Puebla de los Angeles, on April 29, 1810 (despite its name, this regiment resided in Havana). By virtue of this last appointment, he embarked in Cadiz on 1 September 1810 arriving at Havana on 11 November of the same year. On September 30, 1813 requests a year for permission on the Peninsula, because of the chest (hemoptysis).

Brigadier of infantry, on 30 May 1815, Grand Cross of San Hermenegildo, July 17, 1816. 28 July 1816 he left for Veracruz and in January 1817, came to the city of Mexico. There 30 July 1817 he obtained permission to marry María of the Dolores Ruiz de Apodaca and Gastón, daughter of the viceroy of new Spain, Juan Ruiz de Apodaca.

At the beginning of 1821 he fought to Iturbide, but with the independence of Mexico he returned to Spain, landed in Lisbon on July 8, 1822. After passing a quarantine it was to Badajoz, and then it became retired in Madrid.En December 1822 he suffered a fall. A few months after he returned to Extremadura, went to Seville, and was presented to the absolutist Regency, already installed in Madrid. He was appointed member of the Board for the Organization, administration and tactics of the infantry, July 15, 1824, Governor of Badajoz, August 4, 1824 and second out of the army and province of Extremadura, January 5, 1825.Fue purified on December 4 of the same year. He was Knight of Alcántara. Their son was Thomas Gabriel and Apodaca.


Archivo General military of Segovia.

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