Biography of Peter Gabriel (1950-VVVV)

Singer / songwriter British pop, native of London, born February 13, 1950. He/She was vocalist of the group Genesis until 1975, moment where he/she decided to leave the training to expand their musical horizons. His solo career has always walked by experimental directions, and thus, left the band to which he/she belonged when it believed, rightly, that the British formation was entering a commercial stage, far from his musical interests. His first solo album was released in 1977, with a single successful as Solsbury Hill. This was followed by an LP in 1978, produced by Robert Fripp, completely experimental content, which led to the House of discs let punished until 1980. By then, his new job took a different direction and Biko gave him international fame, with collaborations of Kate Bush or Paul Weller.

In 1982 he/she edited the album Security - which includes the successful Shock The Monkey - and began the Womad festivals with ethnic overtones have extended in years later, precursors to a large extent fashion of ethnic music which emerged in the 1990s. Peter Gabriel Plays Live was released in 1983, followed by the soundtrack of Birdy, experience that would repeat later in 1989 with The Last Temptation Of Christ. But his biggest commercial success has corresponded with the edition of OS and the single "Sledgehammer", accompanied by a revolutionary video clip. In recent years the interest of Peter Gabriel has been partitioned among his recordings (Lovetown, present in the soundtrack of the film Philadelphia) and the consolidation of his own record label, nursery of new artists from the five continents. Very interested in adapting new technologies to its work, in the 1990s he/she has edited Real World, rather than a disk, is a multimedia, computerized and interactive product.

In 1994 became "Secret World Live", and a little later released the multimedia CD-ROM Xplora. Since then, Peter Gabriel focused its activity on computer projects related to the field of multimedia that are created in the Real World studios.

It took nearly a decade to return to the record market with own work and did so in 2002 with Growing up.

In January 2004 he/she received the national order of Arts and letters of France for his musical career and his contribution to the defence of human rights. Also this year, aware of the changes that were triggering in the international music industry, he/she created along with other artists a platform called MUDDA (Magnificent Union of Digitally Downloading Artists), a cooperative of musicians featuring songs on the Internet.