Biography of Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968)

Russian astronaut born near Moscow on March 9, 1934 and died in 1968. Was the first human being who left the Earth's atmosphere and turned over to our planet Earth travelling through space. It was released in a Soviet Vostok I cosmonave from Baikonur on April 12, 1961, and after 78 minutes of space flight, returned to Earth.

Yuri Gagarin worked for the Soviet air force and died at 34 years of age when aircraft training piloting crashed during a normal flight apparently did not have any risk.

In the Soviet Union was dedicated by the training centre where he/she prepares those who, by their qualities and their training, have been shortlisted to become cosmonauts and form part of different space missions.

In 1961, when Yuri Gagarin made his first space trip, there were many unknowns about what would happen when the body was found outside the Earth's atmosphere, in the middle of the space environment, although it was protected by a ship.

Already several artificial sugar, had launched into space but it was the first time that a human being was traveling to space and there was great uncertainty over what was what was going to happen. Uncertainty that was cleared to return healthy and safe Gagarin to Earth, after completing an orbit around the Earth with a height of 344 km and a perigee of 190 km.

Gagarin space flight showed that the man could travel into space. Ten months later, on February 20, 1962, the Americans got one of its astronauts, John Glenn, completing three orbits around the Earth.

Yuri Gagarin and John Glenn shared Galabert Astronautics award in 1962. They were two first humans to see planet Earth from outer space, i.e., from a completely different perspective to as any traveller, limited had been referred to it before as they have been hitherto all human explorers to the interior of the Earth's atmosphere.