Biography of Hermenegildo Galeana (1762-1814)

Military Mexican, born in Tecpán in 1762 and died in El Salitral (Coyuca) in 1814. In 1810 he/she entered in the independence army of Morelos. He/She defeated the royalists at Los Coyotes (1812), and Chilpancingo and took Taxco, Acapulco and Cuernavaca, Cuautla, Oaxaca. He/She was killed in El Salitral de Joaquín Leon. His head was exposed in the plaza de Coyuca, being later rescued by his supporters and buried. His body was not found. Morelos, announced his death, cried: "finished my two arms; now I am not! ", also referring to the death of Matamoros."