Biography of Galib Abu Temman al-Nasir (¿-981)

Spanish-Muslim border General who served under the orders of the cordovan Caliphs Al - Hakam IIand Hisham II. Of Slavic origin - a European slave captured by the Muslims - it was, Abd al-Rahman III granted him the freedom and put at your service.

Nothing very beginning of his reign, Al - Hakam put him in command of an expedition against the Christians, which led him to the showdown with count Fernán González in Madinat Salim (the current Medinaceli). Defeated Galib and it became the border plaza at its headquarters, he/she also received the lordship of this square. In the year 965, it rebuilt the fortress of Gormaz, that would be subsequently recovered by the Christians, who then Almanzor would snatch it once initiated hostilities between both Muslim warlords.

After their success against the Christians, the Caliph entrusted with the command of a powerful army, with full power and vast economic resources, to deal with the threat posed by the King of Tanger Aben Kenum, in the year 972. Upon his arrival in Tangier he/she bribed generals of Aben, who had to take refuge in the fortress called the rock of the Eagles. The victory was total, but seemed to Al - Hakam excessive money spent in buying the loyalty of General enemies by what sent to Mauritania to Ben Abi-Amir on charges of cadi to control the costs of its general. In the year 974 Galib stormed the fortress where the took refuge Aben and made it to capitulate, after which he/she returned to the Peninsula thus restoring the Umayyad protectorate over Morocco. Two years later the Caliph died, Galib continued with governorship of border.

Galib and the first Minister Mosafi staged continuous clashes for power and influence on the Caliph that at his death, the Prime Minister, fearful of Galib's power over the army, tried to win his trust, which named him head of the civil and military administration, Sheikh of the mawlas, Señor de Medinaceli and the average mark, as well as Supreme Commander of the army of the border. Despite this, the General conspired to oust the Minister of power.

In the 977 the daughter of Galib, Isma, married in the protégé of his father, the old cadi charge of controlling your expenses in Mauritania, Muhammad ibn Abu Amhir ibn al - Mansur ibn Allah, later known among Christians under the name of Almanzor. Both Galib and Almanzor fought on the same side in the early days of the reign of Hisham II, while this was minor and the various factions disputed the power in Al - Andalus. But they soon arise disagreements between the two. Military fame achieved by Almanzor in their first campaigns against the Christians gave the power and influence they needed their desire for prominence. Galib, disagreed with the measures taken by his son-in-law, which was supported by the sultana Aurora, mother of the Caliph, to seize the power of the Caliphate, even to be appointed Caliph, he/she faced it militarily. As a result of this confrontation Galib was killed, to an accident when he/she was about to command a cavalry charge.