Biography of Galindo II Aznárez (ca. 860-922)

Count of Aragon, born about 860 and who died in 922. Upon his death the County of Aragon was definitely annexed to Navarre.

Son of Galindo Aznar II of Aragón and Doña Oneca of Pamplona, inherited the County of Aragon at the death of his father in 893. Focused on restocking and expansion of the boundaries of its territory and at undetermined date occupied the Sobrarbe. It was Muhammad al - Tawil, allied Goldcrest of Huesca that 911 was defeated by Sancho Garcés I of Pamplona, which took over the Western half of the Valley of Aragon. Galindo Aznárez II conquered the eastern half of the Valley before 920 and also extended his dominions by the Atarés, Acumer and the field of Jaca. That year he/she was arrested in its expansion by Sancho Garcés I, who swore allegiance. Two years later, the Bishop of Pamplona, Galindo, erected a new bishopric, of Aragon, with headquarters in the monastery of Sasau.

From his marriage with Doña Acibella de Gascuña, daughter of count García Sánchez de Gascuña, were born three children: Redemptus Galíndez, who was Bishop; Voyeur; and all, he/she married Bernardo I. Galindo II Aznárez married in second marriage with Doña Sancha Garcés of Pamplona. This link two more daughters were born: Andregoto Galíndez, who married García I Sánchez of Pamplona; and Velasquita.


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