Biography of Carmine Gallone (1886-1973)

Director, screenwriter and producer of Italian cinema, born in Toggia on September 18, 1886 and died on March 11, 1973 in Frascati.


After trying to bring forward some literary projects, he/she decides to give his first cinematographic steps in the world of film writing stories that may lead to the screen, as well as diverse as critic collaborations; This platform will allow you to access the address in 1913. Contemporary of Enrico Guazzoni and Augusto Genina, Gallone assumes all types of productions - comedies, mundane dramas - some years in which you will see greater glow of the Italian film industry and, also, the critical moments that lives after the first world war and which will extend until the arrival of the sound. Carmine Gallone is one of the directors on which the producer cinemas consolidates his big moment in the middle of the ten years of the 20th century, a period in which will roll over twenty films, including the Wedding March (1915), the falena (1916), Nemesis (1921), or the hell of love (1926). The latter is his most ambitious project from an economic point of view, and is supported by a remarkable acceptance by the public. In most of the films of this stage will be with actresses Lyda Borelli and, especially, Soava Gallone, his wife.

With the introduction of sound, Gallone decides to go abroad and work in the studies of several countries, including Germany, England or France, where he/she directs movies as Celle qui domine (1927), hell of love (1928) or Die singende stadt / town sings (1931). Back to his country, will be one of directors who assume the commitment to relaunch the industry in the years prior to World War II. Literary adaptation does not escape Gallone projects, as well as, and especially, what the cinema of propaganda, which has a singular contribution in Scipio the African (1937), in which also signs the storyline and screenplay. After the world war carry out the direction of numerous musical about the life of Rigoletto (1947), Puccini (1952), a series of versions of operas, such as the forza del destino (1949) and Tosca (1957).

In General, Carmine Gallone on a prolific craftsman who over the years demonstrates its correctness in dealing with any film project, quality that leads you to be respected without available movies especially innovative or surprising. Functionality dominates his work and did not feel afraid when it comes to tackling epic stories or domestic melodramas.


1913: Il bacio di Cirano.1914: Turbine d' hatred; The donna nuda; Leda Povera... 1915: The Wedding March; Avatar; Fior di male; María de Magdala; Senza lick; Il bosco sacro.1916: the moth; L'a cosetta chiavamano; Malombra; Storia dei tredici.1917: the labbra e il cuore; The storia di a peccato.1918: Colei non parla; Madonna Grazia.1919: Maman Poupée; Il bacio di Cirano; Il destino and il tomoniere; The fanciulla, il poet and the laguna.1920: Amleto e il suo clown.1921: Nemesisi; L'ombra di a throne; The big tormenta.1922: Marcella; The fiammata.1923: Amore; Jerry; Folle.1924 mother: the Corsair (Co-Director); The mother signora di famiglia.1926: the amor.1927 hell: the city of pleasure; Celle qui domine; The punished City (Co-Director). 1928: Hell amor.1929: S.O.S.; The Earth without mujeres.1930: Die Singende Stadt (and argument). 1931: Die singende stadt / town sings; Ma cousine de Varsovie; Le chant du marin; A night of redada.1932: A son of America. The King of the hoteles.1933: Green Cabinet; By your amor.1934: step to youth; Two Hearts in Waltztime (Co-Director). 1935: chaste dova; The rogue musica.1936: Viena.1937 singer: Scipio the African (and argument and screenplay); You are my happiness; Behind the back of the track (Co-Director). 1938: the voice of the heart; Verdi (producer and co-writer). 1939: the dream of the Butterfly; And sigue.1940 adventure: Amame, Alfredo! (and co-writer); Manon Lescaut; Eternas.1941 melodies: apart from love; First love; The lover secreta.1942: the two huerfanitas; La Regina di Navarra (and co-writer); Odessa in fiamme.1943: Tristi amore; Harlem.1945: Song of the vida.1946: before him trembled all of Rome; Biraghin.1947: La signora dalle camelie; Rigoletto; Addio, Mimi.1948: La leggenda di Faust.1949: Il trovatore; The destino.1950 forza: Taxi di notte.1951: Mesalina.1952: Puccini (and argument). 1953: Cavalleria rusticana (and co-writer); Senza veli (and co-writer). 1954: Casa Ricordi; Casta diva; The daughter of Mata Hari (Co-Director). 1955: Don Camillo e l'onorevole Peppone; Madame Butterfly.1956: Miguel Strogoff, the Zar.1957 mail: Tosca (and producer). 1958: Polikuska.1959: Carthage in llamas.1961: Don Camillo Monsignore... ma non troppo.1964: La monaca di Monza; Carmen di Trastevere.