Biography of Shrimati Indira Gandhi (1917-1984)

Indian politics, born in Allahabad in 1917 and died in New Delhi in 1984. It was the first woman to the India Government, directed with what, you not only dignificó the role of women in his country, but that it also took a big step in its process of democratization and modernization. Only daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, head of the Government, studied in Switzerland, in the University Santiniketan, in the India and at Oxford. Girl's already collaborated with the nationalists as a Messenger of the Congress, and even formed a brigade of boys who performed this task. He/She grew up in the intense political atmosphere of the liberation movement of the India. He/She married, in 1942, Feroze Gandhi, which diverted her from political life; shortly afterwards, are separated.

President of the party's Congress in 1959, and active collaborator during the tenure of his father, does not fit into the Parliament until the death of this. In 1964, is responsible for the Ministry of information in the Government of Lal Bahadur Shastri. In January 1966, is elected by majority vote, Prime Minister, against having Morarji Desai. In March 1967, was re-elected unanimously. Two years later, in the month of November, it is expelled from the Congress Party; However, the members of the party, confirmed it in their positions in the Parliament, which became the undisputed leader. Success accompanied Indira in his mandate, due, above all, that was able to get closer to the people through a series of populist measures. In the 1971 elections, his party obtains a majority and, again, is put in charge of the Government. Its power is consolidated thanks to the victory of India over Pakistan and the subsequent independence of Bangla Desh, in 1972. In 1974, he/she is the head of Government of a country that had become the world's sixth nuclear power. A year later, his popularity began to decline.

The anti-American policy of his Cabinet, and, especially, political protectionism over his son Sanjay, earned him accusations of authoritarianism and corruption. This year, a judgment of the Supreme Court declared void the elections of 1971; Indira Gandhi, proclaimed the State of emergency and launched a campaign of elimination of his political opponents. For two years, he/she ruled as a true dictator, without any opposition. In the general elections of 1977, it suffered a resounding defeat, so it was forced to resign. In the elections of January 1980 Gets a large majority headlining the new party of the Congress Indira, a founded by herself. That same year, the death of her son Sanjay was a blow for the Prime Minister. With its new mandate, it starts strengthening and increase his power, and in addition to the head of Government is responsible for the portfolio of Defense, from 1980 to 1984, and the Foreign Affairs, since 1984. In 1983, he/she was elected President of the movement of non-aligned countries. The achievement of the objectives by which fought throughout his life, social and economic modernization of the India, and frame its policy in a way independent of the blocks, leading it to personally take command of the campaigns against ethnic of the Sikh and Hindu minorities, whose conflict had sharpened during his tenure. In June 1984, instructs the army the assault on the Golden Temple of the Sikhs in the city of Amritsar, which kills more than a thousand militants; the Sikhs vowed to avenge these deaths and few days after Indira Gandhi is murdered, in New Delhi, two members Sikhs of his personal guard.