Biography of Emperador de China Gaozu (¿-944)

Chinese emperor, founder of the dynasty of the second or last Jin, who died in the year 944, usurped the throne to Emperor Feidi in the year 935. Gaozu thus gave rise to a new dynasty, the third of the five who occupied northern China during the 10th century (see period of the five dynasties), more ephemeral even than the previous, since only lasted eleven years (936-947).

Of Turkish origin, Gaozu was a military commander linked to the last Tang (see Tang dynasty) who allied with the powerful Kitan Empire to snatch those the Chinese throne; However, to change had to pay a high price: the transfer of no less than sixteen provinces in the current regions of Hopei and Shansi, including the capital Beijing, as well as the annual payment of taxes (936). However, this fact failed to halt the expansionist eagerness of the kitanes, who were a constant threat of invasion to the Chinese Empire during the following decades. The bases on which this dynasty was based were so weak that his son Chudi (944-947) was displaced Government by a new military leader of Turkish origin that curiously adopted his name: Gaozu.