Biography of Garci Fernández. Conde de Castilla (938-995)

Spanish Aristocrat, born in Burgos in the 938 and died at 995. He/She succeeded his father, Fernán González, in the 970. While he/she sent embassies to Alhacam II to arrange peace, fighting against the Moors neighbour, taking over the castle of Deza and defeating in Alborea to a leading family of the Banu Amril moro, but then intervened the Caliph who sent the count against its troops, defeating him at Gormaz, in the 975. Three years later it regained Gormaz and Atienza, but was defeated in 981 by Almanzor in Rueda, losing on Gormaz, Sepulveda, Osma and alcove. Upon his death his son Sancho Garcíasucceeded him.