Biography of Vicente García de la Huerta (1734-1787)

Playwright and Spanish poet, born in Zafra. He worked at the Royal Library; He was Archivist of the Duke of Alba and scholar of the Spanish, history and San Fernando. He used the pseudonym of Francisco Lelio Barriga. He spent ten years as a political prisoner in the colony of Oran, as a result of a few satirical verses that he wrote. It premiered in 1778, the tragedy Raquel, work based on the diamond classic, about the tragic love of a Jewish of Toledo by Alfonso VIII and the murder of the woman at the hands of vassals of the King, which applied the neoclassical precepts. Agamemnon Avenged, 1930, is an interesting version of Electra, Sophocles, and increased metric complexity that Raquel. In the Spanish Theatre anthology, it excluded Iriarte and Samaniego by considering them Francophiles and included Lope, Tirso and Ruiz de Alarcón. Tragedies and poetic Odes appeared in 1778. Throughout his life he was involved in frequent polemics and was the subject of satires by his contemporaries.

Vicente García de la Huerta. Raquel.