Biography of García Sánchez I. King of Navarra (¿-970)

King of Navarre from the year 925 to the 970. Son of Sancho Garcés I, who was succeeded under the tutelage of his mother, the Queen Toda Aznar, and his uncle, Jimeno Garcés.

The Navarre persisted in his warmongering policy against the hosts musulamnas and next to Ramiro IIof Leon. The navarro-leonesa Alliance, along with the city of Zaragoza, sublevada, suffered a defeat in 937 against the army of Abd al - Rahman III, forcing the queen Doña all to pay tribute to the Caliph of Cordoba. In Simancas, two years later, the Leonese troops, navarras and Castilian beat Abd al - Rahman III.

The policy of alliances of Navarre changed in 953 following the usurpation of the Leonese throne of Sancho I at the hands of Ordoño IV. Sancho, grandson of Doña throughout, had to take refuge in his court and the Queen, whose power was still remarkable during the reign of his son, asked to establish a Covenant with the Caliph of Córdoba, who forced the proud all to travel to your city to seal the Treaty. With Muslim aid, Sancho regained his throne. The successor of Abd al-Rahman III Al - Hakam II, who asked García Sánchez to surrender a capital prisoner, was Fernán González, ally of Ordoño IV. García Sánchez did not want to do it, with what predisposed against the Caliph. This was soon attack him, while the Muslim Governor of Zaragoza also penetrated in Navarre. Harassed by both sides, García Sánchez requested peace to the Caliph and accepted it.

García Sánchez was married to Andregoto Galíndez, daughter of Galindo Aznárez II, count of Aragon, which led to the union of Aragon with Navarre during the reign of Sancho Garcés II.