Biography of King of Navarra García Sánchez II (994-1000)

King of Navarre from the year 994 to 1000. Son and successor of Sancho Garcés II. He/She was married to Jimena Fernández, which would have to Sancho Garcés and magpie. Called the Tremulousness, was besieged by the armies of Almanzor, who defeated him and forced him to capitulate.

Born in Tudela in 958, he/she succeeded his father in 995, and received as great advantages envelopes Muslims. He/She carried the nickname of Tremulousness, probably by some disease of nervous origin.

García joined forces with don Bermudo and with the count of Castile, and defeated the powerful Almanzor, in the year 988 in the battle of Calatañazor, where this lost 50,000 of their own. García died after a reign of six years and a few months in the year 1000, and was mourned by his soldiers and clergy, in favour of which had made many foundations. His death was, on the other hand little felt by his people because of the considerable sums that had demanded them to cater for its profusions.