Biography of Francesco Gasparini (1668-1727)

Italian composer. He was a disciple of Corelli and Pasquini in Rome, and of Legrenzi in Venice. At age 17 he was a member of the Philharmonic Academy of Bologna. From 1700 to 1713, he was master of the choir and directed the music of the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice. In 1717, he was appointed master of Chapel of S. Lorenzo in Lucina in Rome and eight years after the chapel of the Lateran. Gasparini was one of the most prolific and prominent in their time composers. Progressive and highly talented musician created around 60 operas and intermezzos for most of the theatres of Rome and Venice, built according to the scheme of recitative. He was one of the principal authors of Italian operas that were represented in London. In addition, he wrote numerous motets, Psalms and oratorios, cantatas and masses. His treatise de L' harmonic accompaniment practical to cymbal (1708) he continued printing for a hundred years and it was used in Italy until the 19th century.

It also highlighted by his activity as a teacher, found among his pupils D. Scarlatti, Quantz and B. Marcello.


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