Biography of Claude Gay (1800-1873)

French naturalist, born at Draguignan on March 18, 1800 and died on November 29, 1873 in Le Deffrens. From 1828 to 1842 he made several expeditions to North Africa, Greece, Russia and Central Asia in order to investigate the matter of his specialty; However, the more important - and more interesting - part of their work carried it out in South America, especially in Chile, thanks to the subsidies granted by the Government of this country. Result of these twelve long years of travel was the physical and political history of Chile, who was born in 1845 with a total of twenty-four volumes, two atlas and numerous plates and drawings of animals and plants; some of the titles of the volumes that made up this work are that then outlined: on Diurnal variations of needle magnetic in Chile, about the disturbance to the magnetic needle tested in Chile during the time of the earthquake of 1836, about a disturbance of the needle magnetic, about the geography of Chile.

In that same year of 1845, that had moved to Paris to prepare the edition of so great work, the geographical society of this city granted him its gold medal. Their work resulted in several writings, entered in the work Comptes Rendus, who published the Academy of Sciences of Paris, whose template was part the renowned biologist since 1856.