Biography of Tomás Gayangos (¿-1796)

Spanish sailor, born in Queen's House (Logroño). He entered the Navy as Guard Navy in 1755, and after dilated services, became general of the Navy in 1794. He participated as a Lieutenant in the second trip to the island of Tahiti, commanded by don Domingo Boenechea. He died in Cádiz in 1796.

His writings include: Journal of navigation that order of S.M. by the excmo. Mr. don Manuel Amat y Junient, Knight of the Royal order of St. Januarius and the of San Juan, Viceroy, Governor and captain general of the kingdoms of Peru and Chile, made the Ysla de Amat and its adjacent, don Domingo de Boenechea frigate captain, Commander of the Santa María Magdalena (aka Eagle) and the steamer Jupiterin order to return to its armed homeland of many useful, the two natural Pautu and Tetuanui: transport two parents missionaries of the seraphic order so they gave beginning to preach the holy Gospel and a wooden house for its establishment, cattle and seeds of various species with many tools for cultivation: given birth by the ship theniente don Thomás Gayangos in the own frigate.