Biography of Joaquín Gaztambide y Garbavo (1822-1870)

Spanish composer born in Tudela (Navarra), where he was a choir boy and disciple of Rubla. In 1834, he received lessons in Guelbenzu Pamplona, and in 1842, studied at the Conservatory in Madrid with Pedro Albéniz and Carnicer. He was director of the choir of the Italian company of the Teatro de la Cruz (1845) and traveled to Paris as head of a company of ballet (1846-1848). He was appointed in 1848, director of the Spanish Theatre, where he premiered his first zarzuela, gender was one of the promoters. He directed at the Royal theatre and was director of the society of concerts of Madrid, where premiered the Overture to Tannhäuser, Wagner. In 1869, he created his company of zarzuela, which later toured Cuba and Mexico, returning very sick to Madrid, where he died soon arrived. Among others, are celebrated his zarzuelas La Messenger (1849), the Valley of Andorra (1851), Catalina (1854), oath (1858) and the conquest of Madrid (1863).