Biography of Gedeón (s. XII a.C.)

(Gidon) Fifth judge of Israel, son of Joash, of the lineage of Abiezer in Ofra (tribe of Manasseh). Immune, according to the Bible, to the revenge of Baal after having broken an altar dedicated to the divine and would be worth the name of Yerubaal ("Baal safeguard"), Gideon soon became the champion of the Israelites, who suffered from endemic attacks of the Midianites, Amalekites and nomads (sons of East). Gideon, who managed to gather to spin to some tribes, managed to defeat the Midianites on two occasions. In the first, using more surprise and cunning that force, it could kill in a night battle Oreb and Zeeb, two midianite chiefs; in the second, which occurred in the Transjordan, it killed Zebah and Salmunne. The position of King, who did not accept was offered as a result of these victories. With part of the loot taken the Midianites (golden rings), Gideon made an ephod (probably an instrument of divination) who was then revered idolatricamente. Gideon had a harem and had up to seventy children of wives and concubines (the most important was Abimelek).