Biography of Vicente Gerbasi (1913-1992)

Poet and Venezuelan literary essayist, born in 1913 and died in 1992. Poet of relief and central figure of the group Friday (1926-1941). Its poetic plenitude appears registered in two significant moments of her career: in the poem dedicated to the death of his father titled "My father the immigrant" (1945) and in the warm spaces (1952) poems. The full essence of the poetry of Gerbasi is fully reflected in these two works, poetry that reveals a fine sensibility in capturing the spirit of the small elements that constitute its landscape, tropical and warm, an often mystical religiosity, all covered by deep concern, the problem of the fate of the man, his future.

Although it appears in his poetry first this landscape shiningly tropical, soon falls overnight, and nightmares about the death they occupy all of his verses. Thus, Gerbasi said that "man is the night that follows it" and that "we come from the night and the night we go". Demonstrates the above the complete work of Gerbasi, from shipwreck (1937) Vigil, Bosque doliente (1940), poems of the night and land (1943), my father del inmigrante (1945), which is one of the great moments of Venezuelan poetry, art of the Sun (1958), olive trees of eternity (1961) and tyrant of shadow and game (1967).