Biography of Xabier Gereño (1924-2011)

Novelist, dramatic and Spanish translator, born in Ledesma (Vizcaya), on August 12, 1924 and died in Bilbao, on April 8, 2011. He/She worked as a teacher and mercantil Mayor, occupations that he/she always combined with his literary career. He/She was author of more than seventy books written in Basque language in which preferred to write his works, in addition to boosting cultural use. Form the greater part of his literary novels and plays, which has been expressed using the genres most disparate, from thrillers to historical novel.

Protruding from its extensive production Kuwait works-in harrapatuak (trapped in Kuwait) (1991) and Odolezko ezteiak (blood wedding) (1990). His work Konspiratzaileak (the conspirators) won the award city of Irun in 1985. Along with this literary work he/she made another great linguistic work, translating the Basque language; a large number of authors He/She also wrote the biographies of various historical as Napoleon, Zumalacárregui or Mahomacharacters in Basque. His works stand out in the field of education and pedagogy, with the completion of several dictionaries and didactic works. He/She published his novel residence Rochester in Spanish in the year 1994.