Biography of Zinaida Nikolayevna Gippius (1869-1945)

Russian poet, born in Belev in 1869, and died in Paris in 1945. In 1889, he/she married the writer Merezhkovsky. For the literary period dominated by the Symbolist current, its rooms housed more fruitful and lively conversations.

When the Russian Revolution, he/she emigrated to France. His narrative works include the novels new men (1895), the specter of the Devil (1911) and the Tsarevich Roman (1913); the stories collected in Celestial words (1921), and the collection of articles titled living faces (1925).

As a poet, is located halfway between the routine of everyday life and the mystery of the most there, been shown in visions of chilling surprise. In this genre, he/she compiled his poems in verses (1889-1903) collection and compilation of verses, book II (1910).