Biography of Henri-Honoré Giraud (1879-1949)

French General, born in Paris in 1879 and died on March 11, 1949, which was, along with Charles De Gaulle, was the maximum head of the free France in exile during the occupation of their country (1940-1944) by the nazi Germany during the second World War (1939-1945).

He began his career as a military Academy of Saint-Cyr, who left as a second lieutenant in 1900. He/She participated in the first World War (1914-1918) as an officer of Zouaves (body of infantry composed of Algerians and Frenchmen); captured by the Germans (August 1914) he/she evaded and continued fighting. After the war he/she took part in the Guerra of the Rif (1926) against Abd-el-Krim for the subjection of Morocco. Professor of general and military Academy in 1930, returned to Morocco to complete the pacification of the Atlas mountains, in the South of Morocco.

In 1934 he/she was major general, Governor of Metz in 1936, and general of the army in 1939 with command of the 7th Army. At the beginning of the second world war was entrusted the IX Army (May 1940), which received the main German attack, being arrested shortly after the Sedan (May 13). He/She might flee Germany in April 1942 and went to France through Switzerland, actually scale to move to Africa.

Killed the Admiral Darlan (first collaborationist and then integrated in the resistance) on 24 December 1942, was appointed responsible for Giraudmaximo of French territories of North and West African military. Little consistent with De Gaulle (called historiography "the rival of De Gaulle"), shared with him the chairmanship of the Committee of national liberation and the command of all the French armies until October 1943, in which left the CLN, and May 1944, when he/she left the military responsibilities, not without directing the liberation of Corsica. Free of charge during the second world war, Giraud was elected Deputy of the constituent Assembly of the French Republic IV in 1946.


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