Biography of Lillian Gish (1896-1993)

American actress, born in Ohio. He/She made his debut in the theatre at age 14 with his sister Dorothy. That allowed Griffith saw them and would give them a chance in the cinema, where he/she acted for the first time in the invisible enemy, in 1912. Griffith was who molded it to film, with his innovative technique in the foreground, made out all the dramatic capacity of the actress. Lillian became the first fully-film actress. The stage of silent film was that better unfolded and it represented, in the 10 years, the feminine ideal: eyes and mouth small, timid and chaste, but he/she was commissioned to capture their personality and their expressiveness: is one of the most expressive actresses in the history of cinema. Lillian also ventured into direction and shot a film in which his sister was the protagonist: Remodeling your husband, in 1920. His best performance was in the film the wind, 1928, and is surely the best interpretation of the silent film. The era of the 1930s, that is, with the arrival of sound films, was not particularly prolific for the actress who seemed to have been retired, but at the end of the 1940s, it appears again more aged but with the same strength before the camera.


His films include the birth of a nation (1915), intolerance (1916), others blame (1919), the two storms (1920), the two huerfanitas (1922), the white sister (1923), La Bohème (1926), the marked woman (1926), duel in the Sun (1947, nominated for the Oscar for the best supporting actress) or the night of the Hunter (1955).


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