Biography of Fiódor Vasílievich Gladkov (1883-1958)

Soviet novelist, born in Chernovka (Smara) in 1883, and died in Moscow in 1958. It broke out in the contemporary Russian literature with a collection of autobiographical stories, based on the life of the peasantry of the banks of the Volga. However, constituted his first hit its cement (1925) novel, focused on reconstruction to the Russian revolution. Affection to the Soviet regime, held the imposition of five-year plans through another novel, energy (1932-38).

In the second half of the 20th century began a novelistic tetralogy of autobiographical nature, consisting of the following titles: story of childhood (1949), the path of freedom (1950), hard times (1954) and turbulent youth (which was left unfinished). Influenced by the works of Gorki, this tetralogy is ingredients composition of historical reflections, the portraits of his contemporaries, and certain folk materials.

In addition, Gladkov published a collection of satirical stories collected in the volume entitled small trilogy (1932).