Biography of Friedrich Glauser (1896-1938)

Swiss writer, born in Vienna in 1896 and died in Nervi in 1938. It is known as the "Simenon of Switzerland" and rightly so, because the same said he/she learned much from Simenon and his detective novels. Your agent of police Studer is a relative of Commissioner Maigret: honest, no desires of a spectacular success, but of understanding. Like the characters of his six novels and more than a hundred stories, Glauser had conflicts with the law throughout his life. He/She was addicted to drugs and was hospitalized and treated Psychiatrically. It escaped from the institution that tended him and enlisted in the French foreign legion. Their experiences are literarily elaborated in his autobiographical notes as Im Dunkel (in the dark, 1937); Mensch im Zwielicht (man in the twilight, 1939); in numerous letters as Briefe I (letters I, 1988) and, above all, his first work, written between 1928 and 1930, the novel about the legion Gourrama (1940). The events that unfold in the small legion post at Gourrama (Morocco) are a reflection of the events of the present moment: reached order is extinguished before the looming vision of a new war. Despite this, in his detective novels are not appreciated features overly negative, but a compassion that extends to all creatures, include Wachtmeister Studer (the police officer Studer, 1946) and Der Chinese (Chinese, 1939). In Der Tee der drei alten Damen (the three old ladies tea, 1941), written between 1931 and 1934, played with humor and irony with the cliche of the detective novel.