Biography of Albert Gleizes (1881-1953)

French Cubist painter born in Paris on December 8, 1881. After high school he works in the study of textile design from his father. Between 1901 and 1905, he began to devote himself to painting. He exhibited for the first time in 1902 at the national society of fine arts in Paris and participated in the Salon d'Automne in 1903 and 1904. In 1906, with some friends, he founded, in the outskirts of Paris, a utopian community of artists and writers who intend to create a non-allegorical art based on modern issues. In 1910 it comes into contact with Le Fauconnier, Léger, Delaunay and Metzinger. In 1910 he exhibits at the Salon des Indépendants of Paris and the following year wrote the first of his numerous articles. With Metzinger, writes of Cubisme, published in 1912. He participated in the Foundation of the golden section. It is mobilized in 1914 and from 1915 his painting becomes abstract. Woman with animals (1914), represents the woman of Duchamp Villon, product of their visits and contacts with the Cubist group of Puteaux; It is a scene of domestic interior in a modern style. The woman is seen as the paradigm of bourgeois complacency in a large armchair, with a dog and two cats, Covenant of marriage and Pearl necklace. Typically Cubist elements are the fusion between figure and background, and visions from multiple drawings.

In four successive years, trips to New York, Barcelona and Bermuda influence him in his stylistic evolution. His first solo exhibition takes place in Gallery Dalmau Barcelona in 1916. From 1918 he focuses on spiritual values, which led him, in 1927, to founding another utopian community in Sablons. His book forms and history, published in 1932, examines Celtic, Romanesque, and oriental art. During the 1930s adheres to the Abstraccion-creacion group. As your career progresses, get you several important commissions, including murals for the Paris International Exposition of art in 1937. In 1947, the Chapelle du Lycée Ampère de Lyon, takes place in an extensive retrospective of his work. Died in Avignon on June 23, 1953 and leaves a wide work that has 2.476 titles in the catalogue of the Foundation Albert Gleizes. In Spain, his work has been claimed, as it seems logical, in Catalonia that take it before as novel author; in particular, the magna exhibition "Albert Gleizes, Cubism in Majesty" has been decisive for dissemination, held at the Museu Picasso in Barcelona between 29 March and on 5 August 2001.


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