Biography of Sir James Goldsmith (1933-1997)

Anglo-French financier, born in Paris in 1933 and died in Marbella (Spain) on July 19, 1997. Of Jewish origin, he emigrated with his family to the Bahamas. Bad student, soon started in business, first founded a pharmaceutical company in France, in 1955. Then he entered the food industry in the United Kingdom, later in the publishing world, the paper industry and the forest products. All of its businesses grew worldwide and very skillfully, it got rid of them shortly before the "Black Monday" of 1987, which managed to save his fortune. His political career, always in the more conservative wing of British society, was truncated by some sex scandals, not precluding that it was named in 1976 Knight of England and received the French Legion of Honor that same year.

Become European parliamentarian, in 1994 published his controversial book The Trap (trap), which carried out an attack on the Liberal doctrines. He died in Marbella of a heart attack on July 19, 1997.