Biography of Pedro Nel Gómez Agudelo (1899-1984)

Painter, sculptor, engineer, architect and urbanist Colombian. He was born in Anorí (Antioquia) on July 4, 1899 and died in Medellín on 6 June 1984. He made his first studies in drawing and painting at the Academy of fine arts of Medellin, secondary education at the high school of the University of Antioquia and his studies of Civil Engineering in the school of mines in Medellin. He traveled to Europe (France and Netherlands) to continue their studies of painting. In 1930 he returned to Colombia to lead the school of fine arts of Medellin.

Pedro Nel Gómez was not only dedicated to the art of painting, but that their works were extended to engineering and architecture. He said immediate solutions and future projects such as the construction of his house-museum located in the Aranjuez neighborhood, and designed and directed the construction of the buildings of the school of mines. Theirs were the projects for the housing cooperative of the barrio San Javier and the Universal cemetery. It also made the planning of the sector of laurels, work carried out in the city of Medellin. In the municipality of Medellin held various positions, such as: President of the Casa de la Cultura (1949), Member of the public companies (1935), the Board of valorization of the municipality (1936) and the Board of Directors of the National School of mines (1951). He was architect of the Department of Antioquia (1934) and member of the Administrative Council (1955). Internationally, Pedro Nel served as consul of Colombia in Florence (1930).As a teacher, he founded in 1946 the Faculty of architecture of the National University of Medellin, and was several times its Dean. The great wall enterprise of Pedro Nel Gómez covered much of the history in the search for identity and the face of the country. In his works reflected the history of Antioquia race, its symbols, its legends and its literary interpretation.Constantly beats the human presence in all its dimensions, where captured the anguish of the human existence, both in the material and the spiritual in his murals. Particularly, the presence of women, but women as decorative figure, nor the woman as a random character in the problems of the human matter in the works of Pedro Nel. In his works, women are in the Middle fighting shoulder to shoulder with your fellow, man. Some of his sculptures are: migrant women (1950-1955), the cacique Nutibara (1954), barequera (1955), Diogenes (1983) and nudity (1984). Complement your wall following works of sculpture: history of the chemical through the humanity (in the greater Antioch College, 1954), history of economic and industrial development of the Department of Antioquia (Banco Popular of the Park of Berrío, 1956), victory against disease, ignorance and poverty (Leon XIII clinic, 1961), spirit creator of the Antioquia town (national service of learning(, Seine, 1962), economic and biological roots of the development of the Department of Antioquia (Chamber of Commerce of Medellín, 1976). Pedro Nel Gómez conducted field work until his last days.


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