Biography of José Luis Gómez (1940-VVVV)

Actor and Spanish theatre director, born in 1940 in Huelva. His training took place at the Institute of art dramatic of Westphalia, in Bochum (Germany), thanks to a scholarship that could enjoy between 1960 and 1964. It was not a simple academic training, but it took about a humanistic base, lived in an exquisite environment of people's deep footprint theatre for the young apprentice of dramaturgy.

It was presented in Spain with considerable success, but his way of understanding the theatre, very little related to as he was doing at the time, forced him to have to produce their own works and to go on tour with them. In 1972 he climbed to Spanish tables titled a report to an Academy F. Kafka work, and the ward wants to be guardian, the latter by the Austrian playwright P. Handke.

The beginning of his film career began in 1975 with the family of Pascual Duarte, novel by the writer C. j. Cela led to the film by director R. Franco, and which earned the actor the award for best actor at the Cannes film festival. Another of his most outstanding performances is the physician and Secretary of lord Byron in rowing with the wind, Gonzalo Suárez, or dark paper that starred in Beltenebros, by Pilar Miró. Combining his performances to these film roles, he then returned to head the national drama Centre, for five years, until the German Institute proposed to direct Theatre in Brazil.

Later he assumed the direction of the theatre of the Abbey of Madrid, an independent venue, designed by him, which arose in 1995 with the intention to serve as dramatic school for young actors.

Gomez has been awarded significant Awards, including the Grand Prize of the Festival de Cannes in 1976, National Theatre Award in 1988, the title of Knight of the order of Arts and letters of France in 1997, Knight's cross of the order of merit in Germany and the Medal of gold of the fine arts of Spain (granted in May 2005).

In March 2006, Gomez returned to represent the work that started in the tables, report for an Academy (the "monkey", as it is known the work within the profession). From one to another representation were thirty-six years of intense Theatre activity.