Biography of Guillermo González Camarena (1917-1965)

Mexican engineer, born in Guadalajara in 1917 and died in Puebla in 1965, was a pioneer of Mexican TV and inventor of three sets of colour television.

He studied engineering at the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico D. f., and chose the specialty of electronics. In 1935 he/she began his research in television, which already had been experienced with success in Berlin in 1931 by Von Ardene and Loewe, although this did not prevent to your friends and family put in doubt your mental health, because that was not known this experiment for the general public. He/She managed to build his cameras with scrap materials. In 1940 it patented its system of transitir in color, although still had not transmitted any image, both in Mexico and in the United States. In 1945 he/she managed to demonstrate all his lucidity made the first television transmissions in the Alameda cinema and managed that they grant you an own channel, Channel 5. Equipment transmitter, built with a small team of collaborators, was installed in a small office in a downtown building in the capital, the insurance Mexico, and only had two receivers, located one in the Mexican League of Radio experimenters and other station XEW. Your company was far from being commercially competitive, so he/she joined the company Telesistema Mexicano, and turned to the research on the transmission of the signal to color. A prominent patriotic sense led him to reject a major economic investment from the United States, eager to Mexicans to enjoy his invention patent. In 1963 he/she made the first transmission of its chromatic system to several shopping centers of the capital, achieving some renown. He/She received the first international successes during the broadcast of the Olympics in Japan in 1964. It was also a great lover of the folklore of her country, for which he/she composed some songs of merit, an amateur astronomer and a great connoisseur of the history of his country. His death in an automobile accident between the towns of Amozoc and Puebla when it was just 48 years plunged the country into a great duel.