Biography of Juan Francisco González Escobar (1854-1933)

Painter Chilean, was born in Santiago in 1854 and died in 1933, considered one of the most outstanding artists of this discipline in Chile by his strong personality and naturally with brushes, who knew how to capture in its vast pictorial production - includes more than 4,000 works - in a time dominated by the academic.

Like so many other Latin American artists, he moved to Europe at the end of their studies to expand their training. In 1888 he spent two seasons in Italy and France, the country which returned back to the following year to exhibit at the Paris Salon. On his return to Chile he continued working hard until, in 1898, came the unanimous recognition, when he won the prize of honor at the official Salon. He made a new trip to Europe in 1907 to imbue the new trends and, upon his return to Chile the following year, he was appointed Professor at the school of fine arts, who served until 1920, when he left teaching and withdrew to Melipilla.