Biography of Juan Vicente González (1810-1866)

Poet, writer, politician and biographer Venezuelan, born in 1810 and died in 1866. This writer's greatness lies in its modern conception of critical journalism; in fact, he/she is considered largely "father" of the test, the genre that constituted the key element for the formation of the nationality in the Venezuelan romanticism (see Venezuela:literatura).

Innovation provided by Juan Vicente González is to combine your prose concepts such as subjectivity, lyricism, dialogue and digressions, which has led to consider him the first romantic prose writer of Venezuela. His great scholarly knowledge enabled him to write his universal history, memory, while he/she was imprisoned by order of the President of the Republic, José Antonio Páez, in 1862. In this work, review the history and literature, showing one of the best creations in prose of this century.

In the poetic, highlight the poetic prose, my funeral to Bolívar (1842) and a set of brief prose who published under the name of Mesenianas in 1865. In this same year, occurred the death of Fermín Toro, made affecting this writer in such a way that it inspired him to one of its most exalted and beautiful pieces. Within their biographies, the biography of José Félix Ribas deserves special mention, because it was considered to be one of the eleven most outstanding works of the romantic period in Latin America, thanks to the style of novelistic prose that was able to print in his Chronicle. In addition, this author left a series of writings on literary criticism which allow to know currently guidelines following on their aesthetic creation. He/She also wrote political texts and didactic works, although these are a minor literary.