Biography of Luis Gordillo (1934-VVVV)

Luis Gordillo.

Painter and lawyer born in Seville in 1934, Spanish, city that courses in the Faculty of law, ending in 1956. In 1955 he/she joined the school of fine arts of Seville, where he/she remained two years. In 1958 he/she traveled to Paris, where he/she met European avant-garde art and is interested by the work of Wols, Fautrier, Dubuffet. It is then when he/she painted his first works informalists, influenced by the so-called "Art Autre". To 1962 his painting evolves towards a new figuration influenced, successively, by the work of Bacon and Giacometti, the American Pop and the geometric normativism. At this stage it is the series of heads and motorists, which are characterized by the use of images of mass-media, destruction and construction figures, techniques for Seriation and repetition, as well as a critical and ironic attitude towards the consumer society.

In 1967, it forms part of the 'New generation' group, promoted by the painter and critic Juan Antonio Aguirre. Shortly afterwards, in 1969, a crisis that makes you leave the painting begins the series of "automatic drawings", which combines the immediacy with the reflection and analysis, and moves away from the previous geometry. These drawings exhibited in 1971 in Madrid, exercised a great attraction and influence in young as Carlos Alcolea, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Carlos Franco and Rafael Pérez Mínguez, among others.

In 1974 the M-11 Center of Seville performed the first anthological exhibition of his work, which would be another organized by the General Directorate of fine arts in 1977. His painting which had evolved from the informalism toward a figuration related pop, with images derived from the picture and the comic, known in the last 80 years a new stage with less figurative reminiscence and symbolic complexity. In 1981 he/she received the Spanish national prize of plastic arts of the Ministry of culture. In 1998 Tomás Francisco Prieto receives medals Award from the hands of Queen Sofia, 1998, which granted the foundation Casa de la Moneda "a living artist in recognition of his career and human".

In the museums listed below we can admire his work: Museum of abstract art in Cuenca, Cuenca. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid. Museum of contemporary art of Seville. Museum of contemporary art in Vitoria. Museum of fine arts of Bilbao. The Castillo de Villafamés, Alicante Museum. Collection Chase Manhattan Bank. Collection bank outside of Spain.

In February 2004 he/she received the Gold Medal of the circle of fine arts in Madrid, in September of that same year held a retrospective exhibition of his work with a collection of forty of his paintings in the Museum of abstract art in Cuenca, while in December it held an exhibition with the name of "Gordillo: Duplex" in which fifty-seven new works presented at the Juan March Foundation in Madrid. In April 2007, he/she was awarded the Velazquez prize of plastic arts, for its recovery of figuration and color work.