Biography of Carlo Gozzi (1720-1806)

Italian writer who was born in Venice. Of noble family, by a rare sense of aristocratic pride he refused ever to collect money for his literary work. In 1747, along with his brother, he founded the Academy of the Granellerschi, very conservative institution. He published some writings satirical: the trap of inflows for the year 1756, 1757. Ten theatrical Fables, which are intertwined fabulous grounds and satires of characters from the period depicted successfully between 1761 and 1765. The most famous were the love of three oranges, Turandot and L'augellin belverde. It supplied to Sacchi's casualness adaptations as the two brothers enemies; and retook the polemic against the illustration in Marfisa bizarre, 1761-68. In 1797-98 were born their useless memories, autobiography in three parts which reflects his life and the Venice of the time.