Biography of Robert Graves (1895-1985)

British poet and writer. He/She was born in Wimbledon, a suburb of South-West London, on July 24, 1895 and died in Deià, Majorca, on December 7, 1985. His father was the Irish poet Alfred Percival Graves; his mother was the daughter of the German historian Ranke. He/She studied in Chaterhouse and, with 20 years, participated in the first world war, where he/she was badly hurt, so he/she suffered throughout his life a strong war neurosis. This period marked him forever and encouraged his pen in his poems Over the Brazier (on the hearth, 1916) and Fairies and Fusiliers (fairies and Fusiliers, 1917), as well as in his autobiography good-bye to All That (goodbye to all that, 1929), in which it rejects any form of war and examines the impact the great war had on the young people of his generation.

He studied at Oxford and in 1926 completed his thesis on the relationship between dreams and poetry; He/She taught literature at the University of Cairo. After World War II, he/she settled definitely in Deia, Mallorca, next to the American novelist Laura Riding; There he/she spent the rest of his life, although between 1961 and 1966 he/she was Professor of poetry at Oxford University.

The author said that with his own poetry he/she was not nor convince or console. His poetry includes: poems about love, 1968; Timeless meeting, 1973; At the door, 1975. Although the general public doesn't remember to Graves as a poet, he/she considered is that first of all; for this reason, always felt especially proud by the Queen completo Medal for Poetry and by his appointment as a member of the American Academy for Poets.

His historical novels are very popular; among them, should be noted: Count Belisarius (the count Belisarius, 1938), Wife to Mr. Milton (the wife of Mr. Milton, 1943), King Jesus (King Jesus, 1946) and Homer completo Daughter (daughter of Homer, 1955); However, that achieved real fame was with I, Claudius (I Claudio, 1934) and Claudius the God (Claudio God, 1934), which became a television version.

Also some translations from the Greek and latin must quote such as: the anger of Achilles, 1959; and Vision of Mallorca, 1965, autobiographical work. Very famous are also his introduction to Greek mythology, The Greek Myths (the Greek myths, 1955) and the essay comparative The White Goddes (the White Goddess, 1947). Other trials of Fame are On English Poetry (on English poetry, 1922), Poetic Unresason and Other Studies (poetic unreason and other studies, 1925), or A Survey of Modernist Poetry (Panorama of modernist poetry, 1927).

Interest and admiration aroused Graves works justify the establishment of the Robert Graves Society and the birth of a magazine dedicated to them and their author, Gravesian. At the present time, working on the monumental collection of some 50,000 letters written throughout his life.

Serious was married twice. His first marriage was with Nancy Nicholson, daughter of the painter William Nicholson; her, he/she had four children, Jenny, David (died in combat during the Segund Guerra Mundial), Catherine and Sam. Later, he/she married Beryl Pritchard, who had four other children, William, Lucia, Juan and Tomás. Aside, in his life, there were two other women: the aforementioned Laura Riding and already in old age, Judith Bledsoe. His biographers speak even of several "muses" in life graves, like Margot, Cindy and Juli.

In July 2006 the Balearic Government opened a House-Museum in the place where the poet had so many years in Deià residence, Ca N' N'alluny.

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