Biography of Gregorio XV. Papa (1554-1623)

Natural potato of Bologna, born in 1544 and died in 1623, whose real name was Alessandro Ludovisi. He/She began his training at the Roman College, run by the Jesuits; He/She studied civil and Canon law at the University of Bologna. He/She was elected in 1621 as the successor of Paulo V and modified regulations of the election of popes, having it to verify in secret ballot. He/She canonized Santa Teresa, San Francisco Javier, San Ignacio de Loyola and San Felipe Neri; He/She became Bishop of Paris Metropolitan Archdiocese and founded the College of the Propaganda in Rome.

His political activities in Europe include: organizing a League of princes against the Turks, sending troops and money to support the Counter-Reformation, and his mediation in the thorny matter region Valtelina, conquered by the Spaniards to the Calvinists. It was made to transfer the manuscripts in the Palatine Library and gave bulls of creation to the Congregation of San Mauro in France. He/She maintained the abundance in Rome and socorriĆ³ to the poor and the sick. He/She published some important collections. Among them are the decisions of rattan. He/She died at two years of pontificate and was buried in the Vatican, from where his ashes were moved to the mausoleum built by his nephew Cardinal Ludovisi in the Church of San Ignacio. His successor was Pope Urban VIII.