Biography of Gregorio XVI. Papa (1765-1846)

Pope, natural of Belluna, born in 1765 and died on June 1, 1846. His secular name was Bartolomeo Alberto Cappellari. He/She belonged to the order of the camaldolese, which was named general in 1814. He/She served as consultant of the Inquisition, Propaganda, and examiner of bishops. He/She was elected cardinal in 1826 by León XII, and in the conclave of 1826 which elected Pius VIII was Cappellari France candidate, supported strongly by the vicomte de Chateaubriand, Ambassador of the power in Rome. He/She was elected on February 2, 1831 after sixty-four days of conclave, and succeeded Pope Pius VIII.

Soon deal with the Apostolic See, exploded the revolution in Italy: all the cities of the Romania revolted and proclaimed the abolition of the temporal power. The Pope refused to any concession in liberal sense, despite the advice of all the powers of Europe and the capitulations signed by the legacies. Thus, it could reduce their States into obedience with the assistance of the sanfedistas and Austrian weapons and signed death, banishment, galleys and prison sentences.

Although passionate about the arts and Sciences, looked with horror the advancements of the time: ever wanted to hear about telegraphs, roads of iron, or other innovations in the industry. True to their hatred towards the ideas of freedom, he/she supported the Emperor of Russia, and invited the Polish clergy to pay obedience to the Tsar. Some attempts of the young Italy and the reformers societies, were punished with scaffolds and deportations. Finally, in all Romania were reproduced the tyrannies and gloomy sorrows: the Bishop of Sinigaglia every young man forced to marry the young maiden whose house had entered three times. The Archbishop of Ferrara forbade doctors to attend to patients who are not confess; Another prelate sent to punish the blasphemers with tongue piercing and father Scala, Grand Inquisitor, published his famous edict against the Israelites. Gregory XVI died of a cancer in the nose. Since it had to keep bed, they left it completely isolated, without any assistance or disclose their status to anyone. This only emerged when the campaign doubled to announce his death. Pius IXsucceeded him.