Biography of Adrià Gual (1872-1943)

Spanish dramatist. He/She was born in Barcelona. It covered different aspects of Theatre: author, director, actor, teacher, and production designer. With his moment of silence opened in 1898 Teatre Íntim. From 1908 to 1910 headed the Nova Theatre Company, Català, and from 1913 to 1932 the Escola Catalana d'art Dramàtic. His early works are diverse influences such as: the Symbolist Theater of Maeterlinck, observed in the work l'emigrant, 1900; or the naturalism of Zola, the Misteri work of pain which was premiered in 1904. In its theatrical concept, not conceived the full work without its representation, so it attached great importance to the taken aspects involved in work such as: scenography, music, lights, etc. It was the diffuser of authors very influential at the time as Ibsen, D'Annunzio, Shakespeare, etc. His most representative works are: Donzell qui nearby Müller, 1910; The extraordinary comedy of l'home going perdre del temps (premiered in 1914); and Figaro or the Lady s'avorria (premiered in 1919).