Biography of Juan Guerrero Ruiz (1893-1955)

Critic and literary journalist born in Murcia and died in Madrid. Apart from some literary collaborations in Murcia in 1904 and the murcian magazines Polytecnicum and Oróspeda during the years 1913 and 1914 and his book Juan Ramón Jiménez voice, published posthumously in 1961, not devoted himself to literature as an author, that he/she stood out as a promoter of literary magazines such as index (1920); Verse and prose (1927) or the literary supplement of the newspaper La Verdad of his hometown. His friendship with the members of the generation of 27 and 36 and, singularly, with Juan Ramón Jiménez, which was not only friendly, but the only contact that held with Spain since his departure for America in 1936. Its influence on literary media led to García Lorca to baptize him as "Consul of poetry". In 1942, he/she founded the Hispanic Publishing House that, since 1943 and together with José Luis Cano, rigged the poetic collection "Adonais". Despite his departure from the creation, for which recognized not to be particularly gifted, we have preserved several his epistolary, among which include the Crusaders with Juan Ramón, Miguel Hernández and Gabriel Miró, among others.


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