Biography of Vicente Guerrero (1783-1831)

Military Mexican President in 1829, born in 1783 in Tixtla (Warrior) and died in Cuilapan in 1831. Humble family, he/she had a little instruction and was devoted to agricultural activities. He/She began his military career under the orders of Galeana in 1810. Already as a captain was recruited by José María Morelos, under whose orders he/she fought for independence in the South of the country. He/She faced the viceroy José de la Peña, that he/she sent 700 men, whom he/she defeated by 400 prisoners. It also obtained a great victory, just without men, in Jocomatlan, where he/she defeated the realist Lamadrid. It marched over Ometepec and fortified Tlamajalcingo. These and other victories were in a brilliant career military in which proved invaluable in combat, which faced repeatedly with inferiority of men and weaponry, even reaching fight melee with stab.

After so many other battles, from 1816, after the death of Morelos, the insurgent fight declined and few heads continued fighting, including Guerrero. The viceroy Apodaca tried by all means to abandon the fight, even used the mediation of his father. Guerrero refused, and it was then when uttered his famous phrase "Homeland comes first". Continued fighting, Armijo beat and beat several Spanish entries in Axuxchitlan, Santa Fe, Tetela del Río, Huetamo, Tlachapan and Cuautlotitlan.

Maintained a strong focus of insurrection along with Pedro Ascension Alquisiras, therefore, when Iturbide put into execution his plans for independence, he/she went to the South to defeat the two insurgents, something that did not succeed. Finally Iturbide decided to make a warrior through dialogue and the agreement to that independence could be carried out. Guerrero agreed to fight by their former enemies.

In 1821 he/she had attained the grade of General of division. The fall of Iturbide was alternate member of the Executive Branch Supreme, in 1824, until the new constitutional President Guadalupe Victoriatook the reins. In 1828 he/she appeared as a candidate for the Presidency, but lost to Gómez Pedraza. However a subversive movement declared void the election of Pedraza, which rose Guerrero to the Presidency. He/She took office on April 1, 1829 and was its Vice-President Anastasio Bustamante. In 1829 he/she left power after Congress declared him unable to govern. This resulted in their March to the South and a new uprising which degenerated into a civil war. The war lasted throughout the year 1830. The Bustamante Government made him prisoner in Acapulco in January 1831 and executed him on February 14 of that year. Today, a Mexican State bears his name.